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Edward V. Semyonov

Welcome to my personal page. Here is information about my research and teaching. One of the trends - measurement of nonlinear distortions of UWB signals - developed by me and my colleagues to the level of instrumentation and measurement systems with unique characteristics.

  • Dissertations

    Author's abstracts of dissertations for the degree of doctor and candidate of technical sciences.

  • Ultra-Short IV- and CV-meter

    Software and hardware complex for ultra-short pulse characterization of semiconductor elements, dielectric materials and capacitors. Allows to measure current-voltage and capacitance-voltage characteristic at the same time by ultra-short pulse impact. From these characteristics the extraction of element parameters is performed.

  • Diagnostics of quality of electrical contacts by nonlinear reflectometry

    Method and apparatus for detecting and characterization electrical contacts with insufficient or oxidized contact surface. Used method - nonlinear reflectometry - allows to detect defected contact even if its resistance less than resistance of line in which it is included.

  • Measurement of nonlinear distortions of UWB signals

    Wide range of solutions: a realistic investigations of devices for modern communications and signal processing systems (including the virtual instruments at the design stage), the diagnostics of quality of electrical contacts in wired transmission lines and printed circuit boards, detection of unsanctioned connections to transmission lines, remote and selective detection of objects with nonlinear properties.

  • Phase processing of UWB signals

    Synthesis and correction of waveform at microwave frequency band by analog means where the application of digital signal processing is difficult or ineffective.

  • Electroacoustics and audio

    Lectures "Electroacoustic devices", manuals for laboratory work for courses "Electroacoustic devices" and "Audio-technics", selected publications on this topic.

  • Regalia